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Part 1

" It is ONLY 3 Notes John! "

I found myself in a group as the second guitarist

And I was trying to explain to the other guitarist

The 3 Notes That I wanted him to play

And He Was Getting Frustrated

“I Have Watched You Play Them A Dozen Times!”


He Then Mechanically Repeated The Same 3 Notes

It Sounded Like Finger Nails On A Blackboard


Your Voice

It Is Not What You Play
It Is How You Play

I Can Teach Anyone 3 Notes

I Cannot Play Them For You


I Cannot Play Them Like You

I Cannot Play Them In Exactly The Same Way As Anyone Else

(But We Can Learn To Get Close Enough When Necessary)

Check Out And Learn This 1 Chord

As Soon As You Play It

People Start Singing The Song!

Learn This Famous Song Intro

And Watch People Get Excited

As They Wait For The Vocal Line

(Do Not Worry I am Not Going To Sing)

Just Watch The One And Only Keith Richards

(Who Does Not Appear To Be The Least Bit Impressed)

Get A Lesson On Nuance From The One And Only Chuck Berry

Who @ About 1:30  Says To Keith

“If You Wanna Get It Right, Let’s Get It Right”

Keith May Have Been Playing The Right Notes

But Only Chuck Can Play Like Chuck

And Only You Can Play Like You

There Many Things That You Can Do To Develop Your Own Unique Voice On Guitar


Learn And Practise As Many Essential Techniques As Possible

That is Where I Come In

Providing You With Knowledge.


More Importantly

You Can Learn And Practise

When, Where and How To Apply That Knowledge

And That Is When The Magic Happens

Deep Inside of You

Every Note is Precious

Every Note Has Meaning

Every Note Supports Every Other Note

Choose Wisely How To Use Them

And They Will Reward You Forever

What Did I Do With My 3 Precious Notes ?

For Quick - Lesson QL 36