is the


of the


Part 2

How Many Squares Can You See ?


The Answer May Surprise You ! !

(Find The Answer HERE but Test Yourself First !!!)



It Is Not That Important ! ! !

16 is a very popular answer And It is true that there are 16

But The 16 are surrounded by one more

That’s 17 Then !

And What About the Other 2 ?

That’s 19 Then ! !

And So, On and On and On It Goes

Just Like Playing Guitar

How Many Ways Can You Play
The C Major Scale
On Guitar ?

More Than You Might Think !

On Guitar There Are Many Ways That You Can Play The C Major Scale

(At Least Over 100)

Discover The Major Scale

And How To Play It All Over The Fretboard

Discover The Simple Secret to Playing The C Major Scale

Play It In As Many Positions As You Want Starting With The Root on Each Of The 6 Strings in Turn

Remember There Is No Need To Feel Overwhelmed By The Endless Possibilities That The Guitar Offers

It Is By The Constant Fall Of Tiny Drops of Water That The Sea is Filled

And So It Is With Guitar

Practice Tiny Little Pieces At A Time

And Before You Know it  It You will Have Knowledge And Learning As Deep and As Wide As The Ocean

You Can Also Apply A Similar Philosophy to Playing Chords

For Quick - Lesson QL 37