Maria's Quest Continues

"I Know Kung Fu" Said Maria

I Live In The Countryside With Very Few Neighbours So Finding A Local Teacher Was Not An Option And Yet I Loved The Idea of Playing With Other People

Playing On My Own Was Like Riding A Bicycle Made For 10 All By Myself! And Eventually I Would Like To Start My Own Band (At Least That’s What I Tell Myself)

I Was Very Nervous First When John Suggested That I Join Some Online Live Sessions He Was Holding For Some of His More Enthusiastic Students And Friends As I Had Only Been Learning For Less Than A Year

I was Even More Doubtful Especially When He Showed Me A Recording of A Previous Session! However He Also Explained That No One Else Would Hear Me Play And I Could Always Keep My Camera Turned Off Just Like Some Of The Other Students Did

I Had A Few Weeks To Practise The Material Before The Next Session And It Was Going To Have Some Stuff That I Was Working On. And This Would Be A Great Chance To Play Along Live With Others, Anonymously.

Reluctantly I Agreed And Now I Love These Sessions, Watching Others Play Along, Seeing How They Do It (Because Multiple Different Techniques And Styles Are Covered In Every Session, I Have Probably Learned More In These Sessions Than In Individual Lessons – A Great Place To Put Lessons Into Practise)

Playing Together As A Group Has A Kind of Energy That You Just Cannot Get By Yourself And I Am Also Getting Very Comfortable Playing With Other Musicians

As One of My Heroes Bruce Lee Said “To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.”

PS John – Remember Maria Knows Kung Fu!

Playing With Other Musicians

Here We Have 2 Famous Guitarists Playing Their Version of A Very Familiar Song. Notice How Josh As Guest Plays His Part And How All Musicians In The Group Play Together Leaving Their Egos Outside The Door (A Vital Skill To Learn). They Rarely Take Their Attention Away From Each Other Ensuring That The Song And Entertaining The Audience Remains The Most Important Thing. And It Works. Enjoy!

Just In Case You Missed It Learn That Famous Intro

- Maria Is On A Break