"Why Is There Only One Subject Per Guitar Course?"

"These Courses Are Like One Piece Jigsaw Puzzles!"

Maria Has A Way With Words!

As A Bedroom Guitarist It Seems As If There Is So Much To Learn Before I Can Start To Play And There Are Endless Courses For Every Technique That I Need To Know

I End Up Buying Lots of Courses About The Same Technique And Spending A Lot of Time Watching Them Before Finding Out What I Need or Even Worse Before I find Out That This Instructor Is All About Demonstrating His Amazing Ability and Not Teaching How To Play Except By Buying The Foundation, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Ultra-Advanced Course First!

I Like A Lot of Different Styles of Music So After 6 Months or More of Playing I Have A Growing Collection of  Expensive Courses Gathering Dust On My Shelves (Not To Mention The Dozen or So Weekly Messages Clogging My Inbox From Courses I Don’t Even Remember Subscribing To)

I Do Not Read Music And At This Stage I Am Struggling To Become Good At Any Style!

Why Can’t There Be One Course Where Someone like Me Can Learn A Variety of Essential Techniques All Together At The Same Time?

Luckily For Maria There Is

For Maria And Modern Polymaths Everywhere I have Created A New Online Course Called “Guitar Miscellany”

This Course Is Exactly What Maria And Other Students Asked For – A Course Where You Can Learn A Variety of Essential Techniques All Together At The Same Time, With A Dedicated Guitar Club, Live Sessions And A Student Magazine. More About That Later.

  But First, What is a Polymath?

Maria The Modern Polymath


” a person of wide knowledge or learning”

(According To The Oxford English Dictionary)

People Like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Marie Curie, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs – People Who Know The Value Of Having A Wide Knowledge Rather Than Just Specializing In One Area

People Like Maria Who Adopt An Infinite Mindset

And Like Maria I Highly Recommend That You Become A Modern Polymath

As A Guitarist I Too Am Curious About Everything To Do With Guitar

That Is Why I Describe Myself As A Learning Guitarist

As Long As I Can Play A Guitar I Will Learn

For Music Is Infinite – Almost As Infinite As Maria’s Thirst For Knowledge


Maria Is On A Quest!

Find Out More Tomorrow