“They Laughed When I Took Out My Guitar

But When I Started To Play . . . Part II”

. . . Said A Friend

Instantly a tense silence fell onto the guests. The laughter died on their lips as if by magic. I played through the first few bars of “Silent Night.”

I heard gasps of amazement.

My friends sat breathless –


I played on and as I played I forgot the people around me. I forgot the hour, the place, the breathless listeners. The little world I lived in seemed to fade – seemed to grow dim – unreal. Only the music was real. Only the music and the visions it brought me. Visions as beautiful and as changing as the wind-blown clouds and drifting moonlight that long ago inspired the master composers to compose “Silent Night.”

It seemed as if the Master Composer was speaking to me – speaking through the medium of music – not in the words but in chords. Not in sentences but in the exquisite melodies.

As the last notes died away there was complete silence. Then, the room resounded with a sudden roar of applause. I found myself surrounded by excited faces. Everybody was exclaiming with delight – plying me with questions.

                “Jack! Why didn’t you tell us that you could play like that?” . . . “Where did you learn that since Halloween?”

I just shrugged.

                “Just a short while ago I could only play a few chords.”

                “Quit your kidding” said Anne “You have been studying all year. As a music teacher I can tell.”

                “I have been studying only a short time” I insisted.

                “I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surprise you all.”

I explained that I did not need to schedule lessons. I had instant access to the course 24 hours a day and that it was mine for life. That meant that I play in my spare time, at home.

Best of all, the wonderful method means no reading music, no laborious scales, no heartless exercises, no tiresome drills.

Teach Yourself, Just Like Jack

You, too, can now teach yourself to be an accomplished guitarist right at home (or anywhere else you choose) – in a fraction of the time of conventional lessons. You cannot go wrong with this simple method which has already shown over 10,800 guitar players like you, how to play their favourite instrument.

Forget the old-fashioned idea that you need “special talent.” You choose the level you want to play at. This is a straight-forward, no-nonsense, step by step approach. No matter whether you are a mere beginner or playing for a while.

There is still Time

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zero 2 hero - Christmas Songs - Part I

You Will Learn Instrumental Versions of Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard On High and How Great Thou Art. This course enables Non-Music Reading Guitarists to play Christmas song melodies as beautiful guitar instrumental pieces. This course takes a quick and simple one or two string approach, unlike other courses that just teach fingerings that are impossible to play, use sheet music, complex timings and take years to learn.

zero 2 hero - Christmas Songs - Part II

You Will Learn Instrumental Versions of White Christmas, The First Noel and Auld Lang Syne. Why not create timeless memories this Christmas for your friends and family by using what you learn from this course? Create dynamic introductions, interludes and endings to your playing. No longer be the same as all those other guitar players who just bang out a few chords. Make this Christmas stand out from the other years and, be remembered.