So You Need To Play Chords

Recently I was asked to play a community charity gig

The Band Were All Volunteers

A Drummer

A Bass Player

Lead Singer

A Clarinet Player

A Flute Player


A Rhythm Guitarist

Plus Me

Seven Musicians

This Was going to be potentially Loud And With 6 Others I Could End Up”Lost in the Mix”


Potentially Add Nothing of Value to The Songs

How Many Ways Can You Play
Chords For A Song
In The Key of G?

More Than You Might Think !

The Song Was A Straight I, IV, ii, V, I in G 

Simple with Nowhere To Hide

By Knowing My Way Around The Fretboard I Survived 

Learn The Essential Chords And Techniques I Used In The Video Below

You Can Also Apply Similar Alternative Chords On The Bass Strings to The Same I, IV, ii, V, I

Like A Challenge?

Why Not Learn Some Essential Chords From My 48 Short Videos of Chords on YouTube?  Each One Explores A Chord in 5 Different Positions