Firstly Some Exciting News
I Will Soon Be Introducing A New Course, Magazine And Guitar Club All In A New Online Setting
The Course and Magazine Will Be Called Guitar Miscellany
In Every Volume There Will Be  Classic Tracks, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country And Essential Techniques All Together In One Course
You Will Also Be Able To Play In Live Sessions In The New Online Guitar Club
More About That Later

Adopting An Infinite Mindset

I Went To See Eric Clapton Play In The Albert Hall In London
The Venue Was Perfect
The Set Was Perfect
He Was Accompanied By The Best Musicians In The World
Everything Was Picture Perfect
He Played Every Last Note As If I Was Listening To The Record
It Was One of The Most Disappointing Concerts That I Have Ever Been To
I Wanted Some Sort of Infinite Emotional Connection From The Performance
I Did Not Want To Feel As If I Was Listening To The Record
It Was A Finite Reproduction of His Music
The Best Music Is A Mix of Both Finite and Infinite
So When Learning Guitar We Must Play The Long Game
Firstly Let Us Learn Skills, Principles, Techniques
Then Let Us Practice Them Until They Are Part of Us And We Can Play Them Without Thinking
(Somewhere Between Finite And Infinite)
Then We Play With Heart, Body And Soul

(That Is When We Are On Our Way To Becoming True Musicians With An Infinite Mindset)

For This Weeks Finite Quick Lesson - QL 39