Do You Own A Guitar?

You Do?

Then Let Me Introduce You To Maria

Maria Contacted Me For Help

Maria’s Story Was Familiar

It Reminded Me Of The Time That I Was Sitting Next To A Beautiful Woman On A Plane

I Could Not Help But Notice Her Beautiful Wedding Ring

Just Before Landing I finally Plucked Up The Courage To Ask

“Why is Your Wedding Ring On The Wrong Finger?”

She Replied “It Is To Remind Me That I Married The Wrong Person.”

Maria Like So Many Of Us Had Made Some Wrong Choices On Her Guitar Journey

And She Was Frustrated

As a Bedroom Guitarist, Maria thought that she had found the perfect online course

when she paid $9.99 for an 80 hour course that promised to instantly turn her into

” A Rock God!”

Alas, It Was Not To Be

It Was Not The First Time
That This Had Happened

Maria Made A list of Her Course Experiences To Date

Contents Did Not Match Description

Lack of Personal Interaction

Teaching Too Fast

Too Theoretical

Instructor Spends 45 Minutes Talking And 7 Minutes Playing

No Replies To Questions/Emails

TAB/Score .pdf files missing or incomplete

Instructor Glossing Over Vital Techniques

Waited 3 Weeks for A DVD Course That Had A Wrong DVD in The Case

Had to Buy A New DVD/Course For Each Topic

Testimonials Obviously Written By People Who Had NEVER Done The Course

80 Hour Course Filled With Loads of Promises But Little of Value

Courses Where You Could Not See The Guitar Clearly Enough

Bad Sound Quality

In One Instance The Instruction Was To Watch The Instructor Play And Rewind And Keep Watching Until

You Know Figure Out How To Play The Section Before Moving On. No Teaching. Just A Demonstration.

Maria Needed Help