How Do I Solve Problems Like Maria's?

By Asking Her

And She Sent This

Then I Asked You, My Students

And You Said This

Provide Reasonably Priced Online Live Group Sessions (with Recordings Available Afterwards)

Regular, Short And Focused Bite-Sized Lessons – Everyone’s Time Is Precious

Cover A Wide Variety of Essential Techniques Together – Not Just Cover 1 Topic Per Session

Provide Session Materials and Schedule in Advance

Practical Essential Content Not Theoretical – Most Guitarists Do Not Really Want Too Much Theory

Explain and Use The Musical Language That Paid Professionals Use “In The Real Word”

Include Additional Resources/Videos/Links for Vital Techniques

Include TAB AND Score .pdf files

Provide A Q+A Forum Where Guitarists Can Ask Questions (With Video Replies Posted Weekly – that is my idea!)

Explain Everything In Plain English

Always Reply To Questions/Emails

Teach not Demonstrate

Show Guitar and Fingerings Clearly

Clear Sound Quality Essential

And I Listened

Which Is Why I Will Be Opening Up Guitar Club Live With The Launch of Guitar Miscellany Magazine and Course

This Friday Just For You Who Follow Maria’s Journey Below

Meanwhile Maria Is Soaking Up The Lessons

And Improving

And I Am Happy To Recommend Other Work For Her Too

Such As Licklibrary or Truefire Courses

(These are not affiliate links just 2 Companies who, in my opinion, do it right)

Turns Out That You, Maria and I Agree

Almost . . .

Over A series of 4 Daily Emails you can find out more about Maria The Modern Polymath

At The End of The Four Days There Will Be A Gift

To Thank You For Your Valuable Time

Just Leave Your First Name And Email Address In The Box And I Will Do The Rest