He Would Hear The Grass Grow!

We Have Had The Worst Storms Of The Winter This Week

I Live On Top Of A Hill And The Wind Sure Howls Up Here

I have Been Blessed With Good Hearing

So Good In Fact That My Mother Says

That I Would Hear The Grass Grow!

At 1:45am The Wind Woke Me

I Could Not Get Back To Sleep

And Then I remembered

One Of The most Valuable

Tools I Have In My Guitar Case

And One Which I Encourage

Every Musician To Get

A Good Pair of Earplugs!

If You Play In Any Loud Setting

Protect Your Hearing

Get A Pair

And Use Them

No Excuses

So Powercuts Have Disrupted My Filming Schedule

I got QL 38 Filmed and No More.

Looking Back At The Archives I Came Across

My Christmas Challenge From 2020

(It Is NOT A Christmas Song)

It Was A “12 Chords of Christmas” Challenge

Learn A Chord A Day For 12 Days and Put Them all Together

To Form A Well Known Song On Day 13

No One Guessed The Name of The Song Either!

Anyhow, It Was Fun Going Back Over These Chords Again

Some of Which I Use All The Time

Please Ignore The Christmas References!!!

All Videos Have Chord Diagrams On-screen

And They Are All Short