12 Bar Blues

in C minor

No Barre-Chords

So you want to play along with a 12 Bar Blues in a minor key?

I find it tricky to find chords to play in a 12 bar blues jam in a minor key

Unlike Major Blues, there really is not a lot of choice when playing along

If you do not play barre-chords it can be more difficult

You can end up just sitting there looking as if you have never played the guitar before

On the left, I perform 4 simple options using only 2 fingers Each option is played over 12 bars making 48 bars in total

You will never again be stuck for something to play at a blues jam when the dreaded minor blues are called

The video below breaks it all down and you can download the score on the left  as a pdf using the options icon just above it and to the right

Remember whether it is Major Blues or Minor Blues

All it takes is 2 Fingers