2 Finger

Blues Rhythm

So, we have 4 Blues Rhythm ideas in A over a 12 Bar Blues backing track

You only use 2 Fingers for each Chord

Three Fingers is much more of a challenge

Typically I would play Ex 1 for the first verse

Then cycle through the others

Use Ex 1 randomly as well just to create tension in the song by calming things down before the big ending

Then Continue On Your Own Freestyle Over The Last Minute and a Half of The Rhythm Track

As guitarists we sometimes neglect our rhythm playing

Even though we spend most of our time playing Rhythm

This is not a Minor Matter

But One of The Utmost Importance

Which is Why This Exercise is Not Just For Blues

And The More Positions and Variations You Have at Your Disposal

The More You Become Recognised

As The Best Guitarist For Every Occassion